A. First: We may meet somewhere in-between where we both live, such as a coffee shop, to get to know each other or we have Skype call. I’ll answer all your questions and you’ll tell me about what kind of wedding service you would like.

Second: Upon receipt of your deposit of 50% of the stipend, I send you the weblinks to complete the Myers-Briggs and FOCCUS surveys.

Third: Upon completion we schedule and appointment where you attend a one day retreat to review the information gleamed from the surveys.

Fourth: I send you in electronic format a PDF that contains a wide range of readings, vows and prayers that you make your choice from for your ceremony, other sources can be used as well. Our goal is to create “your ceremony – your way!”

Fifth: I create a draft of your ceremony and send it to you for your final review and acceptance.

Sixth: We together present a soul-filled and joyful expression of your marriage to your family and friends.